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System Specs

Penny Auction Software - System Specs Outlines (pdf)We hold all the copyrights and trademarks of this software.  Those who violated shall be prosecuted in the full extend of the U.S. and International law.

STANDARD SYSTEM MODULES AND FEATURES as it's shown on our live demo. Disclaimer: Your customized system may not have all the features and functions listed below.  Member Panel including, but not limited to, the following:

Customer or Player's Pannel including, but not limited to, the followings:

  • Login & Logout - Using your registered credential or using a third party application API integration such as Facebook.
  • Notifications - A private inbox to retain all the notifications and messages sent to you by the site.
  • Purchase Bids - member can quickly purchase and refill bids with our three easy steps.
  • Purchase History - member can quickly view purchase history with detail such as date, description, amount, etc.
  • My Information - member can enter and manage personal details
  • Change Password - member can change password
  • My Avatar - member can select favorite avatar among hundreds of pre-loaded images
  • Refer Friends - member can refer friends for free bids
  • Suggestions - member can send suggestion and request to system administrator
  • Your Bids - a quick preview of your bid balance and history
  • Active Auctions - listing all the active auctions
  • Completed Auctions - listing of completed auctions
  • My Hot List - contains a list of all items member added to his or her own hot list
  • Watch List - contains a list of all items member added to his or her own watch list
  • My Auto Bids - contains a list of all items with auto bids created
  • Won Auctions - contains a list of all items member has won

Administrator Panel Settings including, but not limited to, the following:

  • General Settings - On this page the site administrator can define basic variables on the site like the site name, site url, administrator email and administrator PayPal email.
  • Batch Procedures Settings - Administrator can define jobs on the server or choose to run the jobs from the site itself every time someone enters the home page. Site administrator can also define after how long old auctions will be deleted. 
  • Picture Upload - Define the max uploaded image size.
  • Error Handling - Site administrator can define the error message that will appear when errors occur on the site.
  • Country List – Can be added or remove as well as setting the default of the country.
  • Auction Duration – Auction duration can be customized to your need.
  • Bid Increments - Site administrator can define the amount the bid will increase every time another bid is made on the auction. The values defined are the amount ranges and the increment amount.
  • Optimizations - optimization of database and template
  • Clear Catches - optimization system to run faster
  • Categories Table - managing category table

Administrator Panel Preferences including, but not limited to, the followings:

  • Dates Format - select different data format to fit customers needs
  • Default country - option to select a default country setting.
  • Users Authentication - validating customers and with option to disabled or banned a customer.
  • HTML meta Tags - option to enter keywords for search engine rankings.

Administrator Panel Users including, but not limited to, the followings:

  • Free Bids - assign free bid for registration, referral, and special promotion
  • User Management - complete management of user accounts and information
  • Add, delete and update new admin user
  • Acceptance Text – Allowing site admin to customize acceptance message for end users
  • Avatars - update, add, delete avatars and settings
  • Newsletter - Enable / Disable newsletter checkbox
  • Newsletter Submission - Who will get the newsletter, newsletter content
  • IP Addresses - accepted and banned IP addresses

Administrator Panel Auctions including, but not limited to, the followings:

  • Bid Increments - set bid increment each time a customer bids
  • Manage Packages - option to manage bid packages including adding new graphic design, description and price
  • Manage Banners - option to manage banner(s) including adding new banner, deleting or de-activating existing banners, etc.
  • Add new auctions - administrator can add new, suspend or close an existing auction
  • View Open Auctions - view all open or active auctions
  • View Closed Auctions - view all closed or suspended auctions
  • Buy Bid History - run report of purchase history based on dates range.
  • Pay Auction History - view history of payments
  • Coupon - create promotional coupon and discount
  • Report - run a variety of pre-built reports
  • Auction Extension Settings - set timing extension

Contents For End Users Controlled By Site Administrator

  • News Management - easily manage and update news
  • About Us Page - easily manage and update about us page.
  • How it works Page - easily manage and update existing how it works pages.
  • Terms & Conditions Page - easily manage and update existing terms and conditions page.
  • Privacy Policy- easily manage and update existing privacy policy page.
  • FAQs Page - easily manage and update existing FAQs page.
  • Customizable articles that the admin can add and publish.
  • SMS Messaging - the ability to receive texting via smartphone.
  • Reminder - set the time to receive reminder via email, inbox notification or text messaging.

Design Versatility & Customizations - Penny Auction Software

Design Versatility & Customizations

Our Penny Auction Software comes along with pre-built templates that you can utilize. However, we are also highly specialized in design unique themes to fit your business needs. You can also easily integrate your own design if desired. We have many professionally designed templates that you can choose from. It's built with "fluid" design to work with many different hardware designs ranging from smart phones to tablets.

Easy System Management - Penny Auction Software

Easy System Management

You do not have to know a thing about web design or possess any computer technical skill in order to run, manage and update your own penny auction website. If you would like to try it out, contact us for a test drive today! Easy dashboard for site administrator.  We believe in that any software application is as good as people know how to use it.  Therefore our graphic layout and menu design are reflecting this belief.

Ease of Use for your customers - Penny Auction Software

Ease of Use for your customers

Sign-Up - new customer sign-up is streamlined and the entire process can be less than a couple of minutes.

Payment - offer your customers more than one way of paying for the bid package(s).

Interactive - smart auto messaging is built in to keep your customers fully informed. Your Penny Auction Software is built with an easy dashboard for your customers.

System Security & Stability - Penny Auction Software

System Security & Stability

Your Penny Auction Software is designed and developed with security and stability in mind. At the heart of the penny auction is the timer that connects users' activities with the server and all the service jobs that your server has to process must be stabilized and synchronized.  Security is built in our hardware's setup and also in our software code.  Firewall and database encription are also part of our security strategy.  Depending on the traffic your site generates, we will work with you to recommend the appropriate web hosting options.

Multi Levels Admin - Penny Auction Software

Multi Levels Admin

Not only are you a super admin, but you have the option to create more additional admin users and also the ability to set the level of access according to his or her responsibility. For an example, admin 1 can only create and not delete, and admin 2 can create, delete and run auction report.  This gives you a complete control of the level of access for each of your staff who may play a role in managing your website.

Coupons &Special Sales Tools - Penny Auction Software

Coupons &Special Sales Tools

This feature allows you to promote your business and entice your potential customers to sign up for special deals or promotional coupons. Creating a coupon and applying it to your auction is as easy as A-B-C. You can create many types of coupons - coupon for cash discount, coupon for free shipping and coupon for free bids. See Penny Auction Software Specification for more details.

Sales & Members Reports - Penny Auction Software

Sales & Members Reports

Your penny auction software is equipped with easy-to-use sales report tools that you can use to generate critical sales reports such as auctions sold, bids sold, net profit or lost, etc.  There are about 20 built in sales report and more is adding.

Auction Clone Option - Penny Auction Software

Auction Clone Option

Clone Option gives the website administrator the ability to quickly duplicate an auction based on an existing one with unique auction ID, he or she can also update any field if needed.

Hot List Auction - Penny Auction Software

Hot List Auction

Hot List allows your customers to create and easily manage his or her "hot" items without having to deal with all the items that are not of your customers' interest. Adding on or removing an item to a Hot List or Watch List just one click of the mouse.

Watch List Auction - Penny Auction Software

Watch List Auction

Watch List allows your customers to pick and choose which item to watch for and receive real-time status of those items. Talk about giving customer powerful tools and the convenience to do business with you !

Shipping Tracking Module - Penny Auction Software

Shipping Tracking Module

For your customers, the system is smart enough to change from Bid It to Pay for It and from Pay for It to Track It depending on the actions that your customers have taken. Once the item is paid for by your customer, you can insert the tracking number so that your customer can easily track the order.

Auto Bid Option - Penny Auction Software

Auto Bid Option

Auto Bid is like auto pilot for your auction activities. It allows your customers to set up the amount ($) and the number of bids he or she is willing to pay for the selected item and when the time comes to get ready to place the auction, it automatically bids for your customer without him or her being there.  Please contact us for more details regarding to how our Autobid works.

Promotional Display Banner - Penny Auction Software

Promotional Display Banner

Have an item that needs to be sold quick? What about a special promotion or a discount offer to entice your customer to sign up? Putting up such a banner on your site is as easy as pie -- No special software programmer or designer needed! All the tools you need are built in your Penny Auction Software.

Multi-language Option - Penny Auction Software



We currently offer a total of 98 languages ranging from English to Afrikan and we are adding more languages to our library.  If you are not happy with the way it's translated, we have a custom language file that you can modify.  It's all built into our software.  The default language is English. Each additional language can be plugged in per your request. See custom modules.

Block an IP Address - Penny Auction Software

Block an IP Address

This feature gives you complete control of whom you do not want to be able to access to your website. Unfortunately, there will be time that you need this feature. When you need it; it's there for you.

Buy It Now Option - Penny Auction Software

Buy It Now Option

Buy It Now option offers your customers the option to buy the product at the discounted price after the auction is ended. This gives you another way to make money and assure your customers that the money they spent on the bid is not lost. Our buy it now option is one of kind.

Search Engine Friendly (SEO) URLs - Penny Auction Software

Search Engine Friendly (SEO) URLs

Your penny auction website is built with friendly search engines and as an admin, you can optimize your site with your own keywords, meta tag and description.  Furthermore, it's built with social networking strategy in mind.  We have plug-in modules for Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and a whole lot more so that you can utilize these social networking technology as a part of your marketing toolbox.

Friend Referral - Penny Auction Software

Friend Referral

Allowing your customers to send referrals to their friends to receive free bids to generate more traffic and business for your website.  The number of free bids and the condition to receive those free bids is part of your administrator's toolbox.  It's all within your control.

Reports - Penny Auction Software


As a system admin, you can run many reports including Auction Sold, Buy Auction, Bid Used, Open Auction, Closed Auction, and Suspended Auction report and much, much more.  There are about 20 different built reports but we can further add it on and customize it to meet your specific needs.

Data Export - Penny Auction Software

Data Export

Not only can you run many business and activity reports, but you can also export data to excel or csv file for easily mailing and marketing purposes.

User Profiles Management - Penny Auction Software

User Profiles Management

The ability to run user reports and view your customer's bidding and purchasing activities is just within a few clicks of the mouse.

Reserved Auction - Penny Auction Software

Multi-Levels Auction

Create an auction and then reserve it for only a certain class member. This encourages your customers to earn their ranking so that they can bid on more expensive items.  Defining the requirement of a Silver, Gold or Dimond class is withhin your control.  You can look at this as "dvided and conquer" strategy.

Classic / Traditional Auction

Traditional auction where bidders don't have to pay to play.  This module offers a complete set of auction types such as Reserved Auction, Ebay Auction, and many others traditional auctions.

Reverse Auction

Reverse Auction or Dutch Auction where price goes down as bidder bid instead of going up.  You can set it so that a portion of the cost of the auction is collected via Reservation and the rest via bid package that you sold. 

Voting / Ranking

Giving your customers the ability to vote for what auction they would like to see more often.

For a complete list of all the plug-in modules, click here.

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